Podcast 11 is out!

Transitioning from Fall Outdoor and/or School Soccer to Indoor!

Check out my episode “Podcast #11 – Seasonal Transition Priorities In Youth Soccer.” from Coach Rich Rants on Anchor: https://anchor.fm/rfh8/episodes/Podcast-11—Seasonal-Transition-Priorities-In-Youth-Soccer-e2hhuk

Episode Highlights:

0-6 Years old – 60 minutes of free play

6-9 Years Old – Gross Motor Skills – running, balancing, moving. Emphasize Balance, coordination, and agility.   Make the training fun and rewarding with the emphasis on the “FUN” damentals.  Teach good habits around SLEEP, nutrition, and Hydration.

9-12 Years Old – Body Movement – Jumping, bounding, start-stop, change of direction, skipping, shuffling, object manipulation. Build a strong “Core”.  At this stage, 80% of activity should be skill acquisition and 20% on Competition. “How to Train”

12-14 Years Old – Teach the athletes the right way to train, add body weight plyometrics, monitor resistance and Load on Joints – back off training during peak growth periods. “How to Maximize Training”

15+ First several weeks coming off the school soccer season should be “Active Recovery” Allow their bodies the time to rest, recover and repair. Functional Training based on overall body movement. Avoid load on spine and joints in group training and encourage “private or semi-private” weight/resistance training.   “Training to Compete”.

Training should be age appropriate and periodized based on what they are coming out of or going into.  Enjoy.


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