We need to teach our players to Honor the Game

I recently participated in a pretty elite tournament in Maryland and left the weekend more disappointed in the environment surrounding the event than the games themselves.  The way some coaches treated the officials and the way some players acted towards the referees without consequence from their coaches was baffling.  Parents routinely yelled obscenities towards the referees all weekend.  I have to say that I was happy with the way the players that I coached responded and was (mostly) happy with their parents but overall I felt like it was an ugly weekend for youth soccer.  I recorded this synopsis on the way home, it is unscripted and a bit raw but it was the essence of what I was feeling about the disappointment of the weekend.



US Soccer – Grassroots Rant

It has been about a month or so since the US Mens National Team failed to qualify for the World Cup.  There has been a ton of backlash about the current state of the game and about development.  What I find completely crazy is how much the current climate is being blamed on youth coaching at the grassroots level.  As someone who has been very active at this level, I will tell you that I have seen great progress over the years, not so much in the system or in the process but more so in the quality of training and the abilities of the young players.  I recorded this little Rant a couple of weeks ago after getting fed up with the dialogue about Youth Coaching.  Check it out on YouTube.

When you steal someone’s content, at least know what you are taking!

So for the past 10 years or so I have been building a brand around specialty technical training. I would like to think that I am pretty well known locally. It may be in part because of my training, but also because my son is a pretty good player and relatively well known in the local community as well. This has to be one of the all time best. Snagging a picture from my website, and posting it as their own. Here is the deal, of the 2 pictures on the front page, 1 is my son and the other, was posted with permission from his father.


Double Jaw Advancement Surgery

I had Double Jaw Advancement Surgery in March 2017 to Correct Obstructive Sleep Apnea.  Check out the Page on my site that includes progress pictures over 3 months as well as a link to a Video Playlist on Youtube that included periodic unscripted and unedited updates of what was going on with my recovery at different intervals.  Here is a link to the playlist.

Here is the pictoral history for the first 6 months.